Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 11: Flower and Wedding Bouquet Illustration

Flower is always the popular item to paint. I am developing my watercolor skill and trying to find out my own style. Drawing flowers can be easy and hard. What I always do is that I find one of my favorite floral painter to learn her techniques and then try to paint a sharp photo of flowers on my own. I wouldn't say flower oil painting is easier than watercolor but rather say watercolor painting is more complicated in terms of the texture. Usually the flowers on oil painting can really pop up because painters put large amount of paints so that the thickness and contrast will appear. On the contrary, the proportion between water and paints is the essence of watercolor painting. Technically, the route of the water can be controlled but the color becomes always lighter after it has dried. Some watercolorists like Nora Macphail, Beni Gassenbauer, Adisorn Pornsirikarn, Peter Wagermans, Olivia Quintin, Rose Ann Hayes, Shin Jong Sik, are the ones who really have good grasp of watercolor techniques. Also How to draw flowers teaches tips on how to draw roses and flowers. I'm actually thinking about making a individual review of each artist mentioned above in the next following days.

The wedding stuffs are something that never gets aged because people love the romantic scene and the once-in-a-lifetime event. Wedding bouquet is also a very important factor in a wedding ceremony. A lot people teach how to make wedding bouquets and people just cannot resist the beauty of flowers. I don't really like drawing wedding dresses or gowns just because fashion illustration is a high-level market and most people just draw based on the photos of recent fashion shows. Nothing creative come up. Drawing gowns can sometimes end up being lame but when you put a bouquet instead of a face onto a gown it gives the gown a new life, the one that is imaginary and mystery. Not everything has something to do with humans in terms of fashion illustration. Plus when you mix things up, you step into a new level of art where you know that making art is not for selling it or please everybody but that making art is just for art itself.

Also wanted to introduce another artist, Christopher Stott. Since I love cameras and paintings, he combines both in a fascinating way.