Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Irresistible Charms of Maira Kalman

Sunny in the Park, 2004

Herring and Philosophy Club, 2006

Susan, 2004

Matisse in Nice, 2004

Young Nabokov, 2006

Self Portrait with Pete, 2004

principles of uncertainty, book

New Yorker, cover

Maira Kalman herself is becoming quite an American icon. She often takes her inspiration from the overlooked and underappreciated and in her own words, says:
“The day is long and interesting.
I will wander about and look at people talking to each other.
Broken chairs on the street.
Dogs and babies.
I will stare at buildings, trees, shoes, hats.
And watch this hustle and bustle until I go home and
write impressions and paint visions.
I really do not need to think. Just look.”

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